Re-Awakening Traditional Performing Arts

            Addressing the elephant; re-establishing ethno-dialogue with performing Arts

Job Mwaura, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa;
Karan Choudhary, National Law University Delhi, India and Université Paris Nanterre, Paris, France; Oluwateniola Kupolati, University of Lagos, Nigeria; Susan Mwangi, St. Paul’s University, Kenya

We intend to establish dialogue and provide a platform for critical engagement and reflection with the cultural heritages which are termed as Performing Arts.  Case study of the Performing Art form India, Kenya and Nigeria will be used to understand key concepts and the various approaches which surrounds the performing arts. Further, issues and challenges will be addressed with regards to digitization and preservation of these performing Arts.




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Case studies

                   Nigeria                    Ragni                        Mwomboko and Luhya